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  • Product Type: Printed Skirt
  • Available Sizes: 4,6,8,10
  • Length: Long
  • Color: Orange and white
  • Material: High-Quality Polyester Blend
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Brand Name: Obscur International

This "summer skirt" is a stylish and comfortable piece of clothing specifically designed for warm weather. It embodies the essence of the summer season, offering a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. 

The versatility of summer skirts is a key highlight. It can be effortlessly dressed up or down to suit various occasions. 

Overall, a summer skirt is a must-have fashion piece in any warm-weather wardrobe. It embodies the spirit of carefree and vibrant summer days, offering comfort, style, and endless outfit possibilities for those looking to embrace the season with a fashionable flair.